Work Packages

On this page you can get an overview of all the work packages except for the administrative ones (WP1 and WP2)

Cooperation and Communication

WP3 will facilitate a comprehensive, structured and targeted interaction between the project consortium and the outside world. Main focus is project dissemination.

Formal Safety Assesment

WP4 will provide a technical basis for legislative assessment by evaluation of regulatory proposals, based on operational and technical solutions developed in the project. 

Ship Integration

WP5 will create a generic ro-ro ship model which will be evaluated, integrated and facilitated for demonstration of technical and operational solutions developed in the project. 

Effective Manual Operations

WP6 investigates the efficiency of fire managing operations in all stages of a ro-ro space fire through the design and evaluation of equipment, training and guidelines.

Inherently Safe Design

WP7 reduces the risk for human error by accelerating time sensitive tasks and providing more comprehensive and effective decision support. This is done through improved design of tools, environments, methods etc.

Ignition Prevention

WP8 will ensure significant reduction of the most probable ignition sources and improved management of fire hazards in ro-ro spaces, including provision for automatic screening and risk-based loading support. 


WP9 provides for quicker and more reliable fire detection, localization and confirmation in all types of ro-ro spaces by evaluation of new and advancing technologies.


WP10 provide more efficient, effective and safe fire extinguishment in ro-ro spaces, regardless of the type or size space and with less crew dependence.


WP11 looks to eliminate significant containment weaknesses, considering smoke, fire and heat integrity. This will be done through new guidelines etc.