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Short introduction to the LASH FIRE project

For a quick overview of the project and its objective, watch our short introduction animation here. (2 minutes)

LASH FIRE interviews



LASH FIRE Test & Demo

WP10 – Extinguishment.
Weather deck fixed fire-extinguishing systems.

Test site: RISE Fire Research AS, Trondheim, Norway
Large-scale fire monitor tests were conducted, simulating a fire in a freight truck trailer when transported on a weather decks. The fire test scenario consisted of an array with 192 idle wood pallets and 32 plastic pallets

WP10 – Extinguishment.
Large-scale fire sprinklers tests –  Simulating fires in vehicles when transported on board vehicle carriers

Test site: Borås, Sweden
 Large-scale fire sprinklers tests were conducted, simulating fires in vehicles when transported on board vehicle carriers. The tests included passenger cars (four tests), a van (one test) and a freight truck (one test). 

WP11 – Containment.
Model Scale Fire Tests – Effect of natural and mechanical ventilation in open and closed ro-ro spaces.

Test site: Borås, Sweden
A model of a generic ro-ro deck was built up in scale 1:8 to test 15 different scenarios, divided in natural and mechanical ventilation. Between the test scenarios the sides and ends of the model were modified, to enable a representation of both open and closed ro-ro spaces.

“It’s kind of a future thing” In times of pandemic, new ways had to be found for the development of a centralized fire resource management center within the LASH FIRE project. When no researchers could make visits, fire drills were conducted on a Stena ferry and was documented with multiple action cameras for later virtual analysis.

In March 22 a number of LASH FIRE project members from DFDS, Stena, Fire Research of Norway and RISE went to Jovellanos Maritime Training Centre in the north of Spain to perform full scale fire tests on electric cars with Lithium-Ion batteries. LASH FIRE investigates possibilities to improve fire safety for ferries and roro ships. Three different tests were conducted.