LASH FIRE is an international research project aiming to significantly reduce the risk of fires on board ro-ro ships. The project is running from September 2019 toAugust 2023. 

LASH FIRE Webinar – Fire on a ro-ro deck!

Join us on April 5th 2023, between 14h00 and 15h30 (CET) and have the chance to discuss the efficiancy of conventional sea-water drencher systems and how to best intervene manually to contain a BEV-fire!

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Short introduction to the LASH FIRE project

For a quick overview of the project and its objective, watch our short introduction animation here. (2 minutes)

The LASH FIRE crew training videos series on Effective Manual AFV Firefighting!

Alternative-fueled vehicles (AFV) represent different types of hazards compared with vehicles with traditional fuel such as gasoline and diesel with internal combustion engines. Do our usual methods, equipment, and training work, or do we need to do something more to be safe?
Watch the introduction to our up coming series!

Work Packages

Learn more about the purpose of LASH FIRE, including project goals.


Find out the latest news and dissemination activities from the project.

Meet the partners

LASH FIRE consists of 27 research and industry partners from 13 EU member states.