The Conference on Fire Safety at Sea (CFIS) 2023 was a physical event.

On June 28, the third Conference on Fire Safety at Sea took place, organised in the framework of the EU funded project LASH FIRE. The conference gathered experts in Maritime Fire Safety for presentations and discussions about the latest innovations in ro-ro ship fire safety, including final results from the LASH FIRE project. 

The day was opened and moderated by the coordinator of the LASH FIRE project, Franz Evegren, Director of Fire Safe Transport at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden. The public conference took place in Grand Hotel Brioni Pula in Pula, Croatia on the 28th of June 2023, and was an excellent opportunity to gather experts in the Maritime Fire Safety area to discuss the latest technology innovations and the final results of LASHFIRE. The day was ended with a panel discussion. Below you will find all the presentations from the day.

Welcome by LASH FIRE Coordinator and Host
Franz Evegren, RISE and Vito Radolovic, Flow Ship Design

Welcome and surveys 
Franz Evegren, RISE 

Introduction to the LASH FIRE Project
Franz Evegren, RISE and Eric de Carvalho, Bureau Veritas

Effective and Efficient Alternative Fuelled Vehicles (AFV) Firefighting
Jaime Bley Vicario, Sasemar

Workable Fire Safety – Human-centered Design for Onboard Fire Safety Installations
Staffan Bram, RISE

Fire Hazard Management of Cargo Distribution Supported by a Risk Assessment of the Units Based on Historical Data
Francisco Rodero, CIMNE

Detection on Weather Deck
Davood Zeinali, RISE Fire Research AS

Development of a Fire Monitor System Concept for Ro-Ro Weather Decks
Francine Amon, RISE

Ventilation in Case of Ro-Ro Space Fire: What Improves Safety?
Anna Karlsson, RISE

Li-ion Battery and Electric Vehicles Fires on Ships – Is There an Answer?
Ken Shortall, TMC Marine

Pure Car Truck Carrier (PCTC) Fires – Application of Current Knowledge and Next Steps
Torben Stadtaus, Volkswagen Konzernlogistik

Responding to an EV Fire – From the Front Line
Adrian Scales and Dennis Kusters, Brookes Bell, REACT

Containership Fires and the Difficulties of Fighting Fires while at Sea
Nick Carey, Hawkins & Associates

Battery Electric Vehicle firefighting tests with Outside Air High Expansion Foam
Chizue Masuda and Yosuke Suzuki, Kashiwa Tech

Actions for Safe Carriage of Alternative Fuelled Vehicles (AFV)
Martin Carlsson, Stena and lena Brandt, DFDS

EMSA Guidance on the Carriage of AFVs in Ro-Ro Spaces
Monica Ramalho, EMSA

Panel Discussion – Alternatively Fuelled Vehicle Fire Safety Onboard
Martin Carlsson, STENA
Adrian Scales, Brookes Bell
Geir Jorgensen, SKULD
Serge Heyraud, Centre de Sécurité des Navires PACA Corse