Ship Integration

Ship Integration

WP5 will create a generic ro-ro ship model which will be evaluated, integrated and facilitated for demonstration of technical and operational solutions developed in the project. 


In this work package, demonstration will be enabled by integrating the technical and operational solutions developed in the project on board, and its applicability for three generic ro-ro ship types will be evaluated. This is achieved for categories of ro-ro ships, addressed by pairs of a shipyard and a ship owner, in four actions with the following goals:

  1. Definition of three generic ro-ro ships (ro-pax, roro cargo, vehicle carrier) for the evaluation of risk control measures based on characteristic ship types in the world fleet and for the preparation of a life cycle assessment
  2. Definition of conditions and evaluate integration into ship systems and operations of at least 20 developed new safety solutions.
  3. Life cycle cost assessment performance of at least 15 new technical and operational solutions.
  4. Facilitation of demonstration of at least 10 technical and operational solutions developed.


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