Cooperation and Communication

Cooperation and Communication

WP3 will facilitate a comprehensive, structured and targeted interaction between the project consortium and the outside world. Main focus is project dissemination.


The WP will facilitate a comprehensive, structured, and targeted interaction between the project consortium and the outside world in order to develop regulations and global cooperation by achievement of the following goals:

  1. Ensure take-up of the latest developments in global research, technologies and legislation related to fire and establish cooperation with external parties and projects;
  2. Facilitate for acceptance and consensus with Flag States, maritime authorities and ship owners/operators and establish a science-based global approach to maritime fire safety;
  3. Provide a structured and professional elaboration and communication of proposals related to maritime fire safety to IMO and to other relevant authorities and rule-making bodies;
  4. Inform European citizens, policy makers and the wider European maritime industrial, research and academic communities about the outcomes and the impact of the project.


Status April 2023

WP3 is lead by CMT, with RISE, Magellan, SEA Europe, INTERFERRY, Bureau Veritas and Flow Ship Design Magellan supporting. 

The biggest achievements have been the organisation of the yearly CFIS – Conference on Fire Safety at Sea which will see its final edition this June 2023 as the project’s final event.

The other activities of the cooperation and communication work package team so far included:

  • Establishment and facilitation of Maritime Authorities Advisory Group (MAAG) and Maritime Operators Advisory Group (MOAG)
  • Conduction of advisory group meetings
  • Presentations at IMO and submission of INF papers to IMO planned
  • Organisation of CFIS2021 on 14 December 2021 (online), CFIS2022 on 11 October 2022 in Lisbon and CFIS2023 on 28 June 2023, in Pula.
  • Creation and promotion of training movies for firefighting techniques
  • Promotion of videos including main project characters as well as test site movies filmed during test days in Gijon, Spain- Interviews with LASH FIRE partners about project progress and next steps in the sector
  • Specific Work Package videos on the update and status – WP10 & WP11
  • Creation and update of the 8-page flyer on the project objectives and status
  • Development of social media campaign focused on myths and about fire (WP6)
  • Creation of 2-pager information sheets
  • Creation of guidelines
  • Creation and promotion of the final movie planned for the end of April 2023
  • Support to different conferences where LASH FIRE participated and management of webinars
  • Creation of roll-ups for CFIS2023
  • Production of final brochure planned for the end of May 2023


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Short introduction to the LASH FIRE project

For a quick overview of the project and its objective, watch our short introduction animation here. (2 minutes)