Roro ships are an important component of the global transportation system and one of the most successful types of vessels today. However, a significant number of fire incidents on roro ships in recent years and lacking signs of such diminishing call for improved fire protection.

LASH FIRE is a European Unionfunded research project, aiming to strengthen the independent fire protection of roro ships by developing and validating effective operative and design solutions. For that purpose, LASH FIREwill address a total of twenty challenges in all stages of fire course originating in roro spaces. Several solutions will be developed, validated and demonstrated to address those challenges.

This deliverable provides a compilation of the solutions selected for further consideration in the costeffectiveness assessment. A total of 44solutions were preliminary selected by the Development and Demonstration Work Packages (D&D WPs). The list of solutions is covering the entire “fire protection chain”, it comprises both preventive and mitigating risk controls, as well as both engineering, inherent and procedural risk controls.

As next steps, those solutions will be assessedby WP03, WP04 and WP05. Meanwhile, the D&D WPs will continue and refine the ongoing developments, conduct the validation and the demonstration of solutions.

This deliverable reflects an intermediate stage of the project and shall not be understood or used as a final outcome of the LASH FIRE project.

Read the full report here.