The Formal Safety Assessment (FSA) carried out in LASH FIRE requires a consolidated comprehensive database on fires in ro-ro spaces and the corresponding ship fleet to be set-up for specific use in the project. Such a database would allow a better understanding of the type of casualties and characteristics of ships in the FSA scope, and provides probabilities and frequencies that will be used in the quantification phase of the LASH FIRE risk model.

For this purpose, a comprehensive database was built by aggregation of different pools of information. Marine casualties, incidents and ship characteristics data were investigated, and collected from different maritime stakeholders. A data quality assessment was performed to select the data to be aggregated as one of the challenge was to propose a homogeneous and unbiased database from heterogeneous source of information. New additional features for the risk model were developed, and missing values for existing database features of importance were completed with ‘data science’ methods. Moreover, case by case studies were performed to refine the scope of the FSA study.

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