This document is an output of the LASH FIRE Project, within the Work Package 6 – Effective Manual Operations. Its main goal is to report the progress on the work conducted in developing guidelines for communication of fire confirmation within the context of ro-ro and ro-pax vessels.
The development of the work and the elaboration of this deliverable involved the participation of several partners of Work Package 6, who contributed with their own expertise, along with the research and field visits conducted. Furthermore, the data gathered from work done in other Actions of the Project was another form of input towards this task.

The overall result of Deliverable 06.3 are proposals for guidelines to be implemented by operators in their onboard routine operations, leading to more efficient communication of fire confirmation, which ultimately will result in quicker response time and a safer environment abord this type of ships. This involved understanding the state of fire confirmation and communication, and looking for ways to develop methods or tools in which crew members can establish quick and efficient ways to share fire related safety status updates to command.

D06.3 is also a part of a set of reports that aim to propose guidelines to onboard activities that aim, as a whole, to increase fire safety by improving the efficacy of manual operations in ro-ro/ro-pax scenarios. Furthermore, Work Package 6 will continue to strive towards these objectives.

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