The LASH FIRE Digital Fire Central prototype has been developed over several iterations to arrive at its current state – an interactive, screen-based interface with functionality to match a large set of common fire management activities, including fire detection and assessment, deck and cargo information, control of fire dampers, fire doors and the drencher system. In addition, it also allows its users to follow events on a fire response timeline. Up until the time of this study, however, prototype development has mainly rested on needs and feedback reported by informants and test persons, and there was a perceived needs amongst the researchers to better understand the practical actions and
interactions that would occur in an actual onboard fire scenario.

Two approaches were chosen to produce data for the present study. The primary ambition was to reach a deeper understanding of operational fire management under realistic circumstances. The secondary ambition was to gather experiences and perceptions from an international community of seafarers involved in onboard fire management and the use of fire safety systems.

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