In March 22 a number of LASH FIRE project members from DFDS, Stena, Fire Research of Norway and RISE went to Jovellanos Maritime Training Centre in the north of Spain to perform full scale fire tests on electric cars with Lithium-Ion batteries.

LASH FIRE investigates possibilities to improve fire safety for ferries and roro ships. Three different tests were conducted. The first test was a “free burn test” where a car was allowed to burn without taking any measures to fight the fire. Aim was to experience the behavior of the Li-Ion battery fire in car and obtain data like heat release rate or toxic gas emissions. In the second test we looked at different equipment and methods to fight the fire, to use as early stage “first response” as well as methods for fully developed fire stage, i.e fire blanket, 3 different handhelds, fognails, boundary cooling device. In the last test we placed a car in a closed space simulating a closed roro deck. For the fire fighters this is more challenging due to the lack of visibility by smoke. We further explored techniques and equipment to deal with these types of conditions. Last but not least we were looking into proper treatment of PEP.

Watch the movie here.