LASH FIRE has been mentioned in a scientific paper “The Anyplace 4.0 IoT Localization Architecture” written and presented by LASH FIRE project partner Prof. Demetris Zeinalipour from the University of Cyprus.

The paper has been accepted at the IEEE MDM’20 conference in Versailles, Paris (DOI number to be issued soon and access to be provided through IEEE Digital Library). 

The paper describes the localization problem for IoT, given that Satellite-based solutions are inaccurate in indoor spaces where human activity takes place 80-90% of the time. The paper introduces a solution, a novel opensource architecture for IoT localization, coined Anyplace 4.0 IoT (A4IoT), which exploits signal fingerprinting to organize under the same roof a wide range of different localization technologies (e.g., Wi-Fi, BLE, Cellular, UWB, Computer Vision).

LASH FIRE is mentioned in the paper as it will deploy the indoor localization for emergency response of fire fighters on cargo ships.

You can view the paper on the website of the Prof. Demetris Zeinalipour by clicking here.

The full video presentation of the paper can be viewed here