LASH FIRE project is making one more public appearance before the project end at the upcoming Donsö Shipping Meet in Gothenburg, Sweden taking place from 28-30 August 2023.

Donsö Shipping Meet started in 2009 and take place every other year on the island of Donsö, in the southern part of the archipelago of Gothenburg, Sweden gathering around 2000 delegates from from all over the world gather on the  to discuss shipping and shipping-related topics.

Over the two days of the Donsö Shipping Meet on 29 and 30 August 2023, the LASH FIRE team will present the project’s final results with interactive presentations of fire detection and management as well as Seminar with expert presentations. Consult the full programme below and join us in Donso Shipping Meet.

On Tuesday, 29 August 2023, the LASH FIRE partners will be demonstrating some of LASH FIRE results as part of the Meet the Experts sessions in the Hall C – Safety Meet Arena. On Wednesday, 30 August 2023, the Fire Safety Meet will take place and LASH FIRE has prepared an exciting seminar in the morning. See the full agenda below. 


Tuesday 29 August – Hall C – Safety Meet Arena 10:15 – 13:30 
Meet the Experts demonstations with:


  • Marvin Damschen and Rickard Häll, RISE – drones
  • Vasudev Ramachandra, RISE – electric reefer connection
  • Davood Zeinali, RISE & Daniel Gerwig, AP Sensing – linear heat detection
  • Lena Brandt, DFDS – portable sprinkler unit
  • Alexander Kleiman, DBI – electric vehicle fires onboard
  • Maria Hjohlman, RISE
  • John Garner, Interferry
  • Andrea Hrzic, Magellan Circle
  • Alexander Kleiman, DB
Wednesday 30 August – Hall F – Seminar – 10:30 – 12:00 






Welcome, introduction to ro-ro ship fire safety

John Garner, Interferry


Drone system for increased fire safety on open decks

Marvin Damschen, RISE


New technologies for fire detection on ro-ro ships

Davood Zeinali, RISE


Electrical safety – Real time monitoring of reefer units

Vasudev Ramachandra, RISE


Validation of fire safety measures on board DFDS ships

Lena Brandt, DFDS


Electric vehicle fire safety at sea (and once in port

Alexander Kleiman, DBI


Wrapping up

John Garner, Interferry