Today we had the pleasure of reading about how our research from LASH FIRE was presented in the magazine Sjöfartstidningen, by Jonna Hynynen from RISE.

A fire in an electric car on board is no worse than a fire in a fossil fuel car. This is shown by several new studies, but despite this, many myths remain alive.

When the Norwegian shipping company Havila Kystruten recently announced that they are banning all electric cars on their ships for safety reasons, the debate about electric cars on board passenger ferries and ro-ro ships gained new momentum. At the same time, several new studies show that electric car fires are no more difficult to control than fires in, for example, petrol cars.

- Despite the fact that there is a lot of research in Europe on this, the biggest myth that lives on is that electric car fires have a much higher fire intensity than fires in regular petrol vehicles, but this is not true, says Jonna Hynynen from Rise in Borås with fire-safe transport and specifically lithium ion batteries as a research area.

Now Stena Line has chosen to take the next step and will show through a pilot project on Stena Scandinavica that it is also safe to charge electric cars on board.

Read the full article (Swedish) in Sjöfartstidningens e-magazine.