The EU-funded research project LASH FIRE (Legislative Assessment for Safety Hazards of Fire and Innovations in Ro-ro ship Environment) aims to significantly reduce the risk of fires on board ro-ro ships by develop new and advancing fire protection procedures and technical innovations. In the course of its 4-year duration the project will thereby provide a basis for the revision of international maritime regulations.

One of LASH FIRE’s goals is to establish cooperation with other projects in order to jointly face the major technical challenges that fire protection addresses to all involved in this field. A broad network with a multitude of partners accelerates efficient knowledge transfer and defines new processes and technologies. Together with partner projects, information and generated knowledge will be shared with even more stakeholders.

A project with high collaboration opportunities is ALBERO which was launched in August 2018. The project is funded by the German government and is coordinated by ISV, the German Institute for Ship’s Safety and Safety Technology. ALBERO’s main objective is a safe integration of powered vehicles into ferry traffic. The project undertakes the new challenges of transporting alternative fuel vehicles and electric cars on ro-ro ferries by adapting safety measures during boarding and operation process. Among others, it aims to develop solutions for maritime fire protection through innovative processes and technologies.

LASH FIRE representative Martin Carlsson (Right front) with ALBERO project team

In order to discuss potential approaches for cooperation between LASH FIRE and ALBERO in detail, LASH FIRE representative Martin Carlsson (STENA) had been invited to the ALBERO milestone meeting, which took place on the 25th and 26th of February 2020 in Stuttgart. As a guest speaker he had the opportunity to introduce LASH FIRE to the ALBERO consortium.

During the meeting, several potential opportunities for cooperation were identified and contacts between experts from both projects were exchanged to promote practical cooperation. The joint execution of demonstrator tests and the mutual exchange of test results, project developments and findings will create a synergy effect and optimize the outcomes of both projects.

Since the kick-off meeting in Stuttgart, the cooperation has been realised in different areas. LASH FIRE partner CIMNE and experts from the ALBERO partner Fraunhofer FKIE exchange findings in the fields of ignition prevention, fire hazard management and vehicle loading and collaborate in the development of a system/software solution. Furthermore, an exchange of expertise and practical coordination between the two projects on laboratory fire test of fire containment methods are taking place with a special focus on electric battery cars. Regarding the aspect of cooling down a single vehicle, both projects set up a plan for a variety of joint tests, which will take carried out by LASH FIRE partners SAS and RISE as well as the respective ALBERO expert. The next topic on the agenda is the synchronisation of studies on methods for early detection of fire gases. Also, a joint workshop is planned to exchange expertise in the various fields and contribute to each partners’ specific objectives of the project.

The ALBERO website is also available in English:

An overview of the ALBERO project will be presented by project coordinator Dr. Dana Meißner in the webinar “Fires in Alternatively Powered Vehicles onboard Ships” on October 14, 2020. For registration and more information please visit the following page: