An interview with Rick Jeffress, Business Development Director at FIKE Corporation has been published in the latest issue of the Triton magazine. FIKE is a LASH FIRE partner specializing in video analytics for the detection of atmospheric oil mist, smoke, flame and reflected flame. In LASH FIRE, FIKE is involved in smoke testing and providing hardware for it.

In the 3-page interview featured in The Swedish Club magazine Triton, Rick Jeffress, FIKE, talks about the intelligent fire detection in ship’s engine rooms, which in his words have all the necessary ingredients for a fire, in terms of oxygen, heat and flammable liquids under pressure.

As a response to increased number of fires in engine rooms, International Maritime Organisation (IMO) added a new notation to its rules on Equipment and Design Features – Fire prevention in Machinery Spaces. This notation requires CCTV cameras covering critical oil leakage points and recommends a proven technology for atmospheric oil mist detection using video analytics. This is where FIKE comes in with its video analytics expertise in the field.

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