“A story of Fire and Ice” – as we are addressing safety measures regarding fire, the The International Code for Ships Operating in Polar Waters (the Polar Code), that entered into force January 2017, addresses maritime safety risks and potential challenges for ships operating in waters surrounding the two poles.❄️⚓️ 

However, there is a concern that the codification of rules made through the International Maritime Organization bargaining process has created a false sense of safety and security, as meeting the standards may not remedy underlying international, regional, national, business or individual incentives to accept risks that exceed reasonable management of them.

A webinar about the Polar Code and Arctic maritime safety, taking place on June 2nd, 2021 (14.00-16.00 ECT) and organised by
Syddansk Universitet – University of Southern Denmark aims at broadening and deepening our understanding on key features of Polar Code. The speakers of the seminar will address the role of the Polar Code in managing maritime safety risks and potential challenges to implement the Polar Code in Arctic waters from public and private sectors’ point of views.

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